What's next for me?

What’s Next For Me?

In different periods of our life many of us will reach a plateau, the point at which we must answer one question: “What’s next for me?”

Answering that question is not always easy. It requires deep thought and careful consideration to decide how to get moving forward again and onto the next big step in our life — whether that next step is business or health-related or some other personal matter it can be tough sometimes if you feel stuck. If you are in need of a push, here are some ways to chart a course of getting unstuck.

Find Role Models

If you are totally stuck on deciding your next move it can be helpful to look to others who have had a noteworthy impact on you, things you care about personally, or the world at large. I picked up this concept from the book Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. The book makes a compelling case, backed by scientific study, that modeling the experience of others is one of the best predictors of personal happiness. This can include friends or family members, teachers, political figures, entrepreneurs or businesspeople, spiritual leaders or whoever else you find inspiring and/or has achieved something you find remarkable. Take a look at their accomplishments and think a bit about how they achieved their goals, as well as how they overcame obstacles. Use their impact and influence to brainstorm how you will leave your mark and then take the initial steps toward realizing your own dream.

Working Backward to Achieve a Goal

After you have come up with “this is where I want to be,” the first instinct may be to plot a linear, forward-moving course to reach that goal. However, a more effective strategy to planning can be to work backward. Start with the end result in mind, and trace each step back to identify what is needed to make it a reality. For example, if you want to strike out on your own with a new business, work through it backward. To start a business, you need startup capital. To obtain startup capital, you need a business plan that you can take to the bank or investors, or your plan might call for acquiring money another way. Keep going until you have mapped out every step of the journey, then start to move forward.

Identifying Tools and a Support System

Once you have decided how to get unstuck and outlined a path to follow, it is time to find the tools and support needed to follow those steps. New technology can connect you to people with a wealth of information and resources, in addition to providing innovative tools to make reaching your goals easier. Take the time to examine how technology might help you realize your dreams.

Just as important is making sure you have a great support network: a great coach, friend or partner, or even family in some circumstances. Often people are reluctant to make big changes for fear of what others may think, and this hesitation can be a dream-killer. In life there will always be naysayers, and not all of them can be persuaded by words alone. Align yourself with those that are supportive and can help you along the way, and persuade the naysayers with action instead of words.

Shedding the Feeling of Powerlessness

Lastly, but maybe most important, do not fall into a trap of powerlessness. There are few situations where others can truly stop you if your pursuits are worthy. Do not fool yourself into believing that without the backing of someone with higher authority, no change can take place. If you put your mind to something and you are patient (for results) there are creative ways to remove almost any obstacle. If you are feeling stuck create momentum by winning small battles and making small changes, and then work up to bigger steps as you build confidence.

If you know of any good technology to share that can help people get unstuck (aside from Unstick Me of course) please let us know in the comment section below.

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